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Big Bear Shredding offers secure shredding services to clients in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area, including a wide variety of document destruction services for business and residential clients. Depending on your requirements, we can often schedule service right away. We operate Monday through Friday for your convenience. As a local small business with deep community roots, we are proud to provide cost-effective mobile paper shredding services.

We Shred at Your Location in Fayetteville, AR

You can expect a Big Bear Shredding-uniformed, background-screened staff member to arrive at your home or office with photo identification. We will pick up your documents that need to be shredded and securely move them to our shred truck. This typically means we empty your loose documents into a wheeled, security bin, lock it, and then take it to the paper shredding truck parked outside your home or office to begin destruction.

Why Shred On Site?

Mobile document destruction happens when we bring our shredding truck to your Fayetteville, Arkansas locations. We collect, consolidate, and shred your documents before leaving your location.

Here are three reasons to use a reputable, local on-site shredding service:

  • Immediate Destruction: With on-site shredding, your secure documents will be destroyed within minutes of being collected.
  • Visible Proof: If you choose, you can come to the truck and watch as your documents are lifted into the chute, dumped into the shredding machine, and destroyed.
  • Single Handling: With on-site shredding, your documents are taken immediately from your home or office and shredded before the shredding truck leaves your location. With such a short chain of custody, the chance for mistakes is dramatically reduced.

Environmentally-Friendly Shredding Near You

Many of Big Bear Shredding’s clients ask us what happens to their shredded paper. All paper we shred is delivered into the paper recycling stream that processes the shredded paper back into paper pulp. Recycled paper is often used to make new paper products like newsprint, toilet paper, paper towels and cardboard. For every ton of paper that is shredded and recycled, we can save 17 trees!

Ensure Your Legal Compliance

Choosing our shredding service for your information destruction requirements helps your business or organization meet federal, state, and industry compliance requirements. You will be issued a Certificate of Destruction after a shredding service is completed, whether it is a one-time purge, a regular service, or a short-term shredding project. This certificate confirms that your confidential information has been shredded and properly destroyed prior to being recycled.

We’re the ONLY Shredding Service in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the surrounding area that is both NAID AAA Certified AND Indemnified by Downstream Data Coverage Insurance for your protection serving the Fayetteville, AR area.  This means that YOU, YOUR business, YOUR associates and YOUR customers are getting the highest protection in the world from a local service provider.

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