Shredding FAQs

You should shred any document with sensitive financial or medical data and personally identifiable information (PII). Since every business has unique client and corporate information, consult with a shredding partner who can provide a guide for what to shred and when.

There are two reasons. First, office shredders are not secure because most use a strip shredding method to destroy documents. That makes your confidential shredded documents easy for dumpster divers to reassemble. The second reason is cost. When you consider the initial cost of the office shredder plus all the replacement shredders you’ll need, then factor in the cost of labor, shredder maintenance, and disposal, it costs at least twice as much to use office shredders than it does to have your confidential documents shredded by a professional shredding service.

Both. However, to protect your privacy, it’s critical to thoroughly destroy your documents before recycling them. A shredding service renders your files unrecognizable, co-mingles your shredded paper with others, and then bales the shredded material for secure recycling. A strict chain of custody procedure is maintained throughout the entire destruction and recycling process.

Several federal privacy laws, including HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, and GLB, regulate how employee and customer information must be destroyed and disposed of. To prevent costly non-compliance fines caused by data breaches, you must shred the appropriate documents at the right time interval.

You can put any color or type of paper, paperclips, staples, rubber bands, labels and file folders into our secure collection containers.

We provide free, secure collection containers to all scheduled shredding customers.

We can secure any size bin you require, however, most of our clients choose either a 64-gallon bin or a 32-gallon executive console.

No; one of the benefits of outsourced shredding is you don’t have to remove staples, paperclips, or rubber bands from your files. The blades on a mobile document destruction vehicle destroy non-paper items as well. Simply give us your documents “as-is” and they’ll be destroyed in just a few minutes.

Yes. Once we take ownership of your documents and have shredded them, we’ll issue you a Certificate of Destruction for your records to help protect you in the event of an audit or lawsuit.

A Certificate of Destruction includes the date, location, and summary of materials collected and destroyed for documented proof of your organization’s compliance. Both state and federal information privacy laws and industry compliance standards require businesses to document their records disposal practices.

Yes. We have the highest security rating of NAID AAA Certified, awarded by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

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